D4D Launches New Adaptive Learning…


D4D Technologies Launches New Adaptive Learning…


Richardson, Texas, July 13, 2012 –D4D Technologies, manufacturer of the E4D Dentist™ system, announced today the introduction of E4D Compare™ an innovative adaptive learning technology tool for dental teaching institutions.

E4D Compare provides students with self-evaluation tools for precise measurement and feedback about the student’s sample preparations and restorations and how they compare to the institution’s standards. As students’ progress, they develop digital portfolios that demonstrate their accomplishments in tooth preparation, restoration design and occlusal articulation. From the faculty perspective, E4D Compare provides evidence-based assessment tools that also document student progression .

“The development of E4D Compare and its utilization in teaching institutions provide both students and faculty an innovative method of self-paced learning and a more consistent and objective evaluation of all parameters. This is another example of our commitment at D4D to making dentistry better at every level” said Dr. Gary Severance of D4D Technologies.

“There is a crisis in dental education; many students believe that grading is subjective and inconsistent,” said Dr. Walter Renne, course director for CAD/CAM technologies and ceramics at the Medical University of South Carolina, College of Dental Medicine. “The E4D Compare software program enables students to learn by challenging themselves against the “master” templates. E4D Compare has proven to be revolutionary in my classes. The students that have used this program have seen fast results and have been engaged from the beginning. The E4D Compare software provides new possibilities for enhancing the learning experience within the dental curriculum.”

E4D Compare is available through Henry Schein Dental, and is compatible with E4D Dentist and E4D Labworks systems as well as PCs meeting certain processing and graphics requirements. For more information, go to www.E4D.com/compare

About D4D Technologies
D4D Technologies is taking the dental profession to a higher level of productivity, patient comfort, and convenience with its E4D Dentist™ and E4D Labworks™ systems that use high-speed laser scanning technology to produce digital 3D impressions of teeth without the application of contrast agents. Intuitive DentaLogic™ software enables operators to easily customize restoration designs and send them wirelessly to the precision mill that uses the latest restorative materials to produce fine esthetic restorations. D4D continues to expand the possibilities in dentistry with E4D Compass™ for restorative-driven implant solutions and E4D Compare™ adaptive learning technology for teaching institutions.

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