Hello CIS Team,

Customer feedback is vital to our growth potential and a great way of monitoring the customers experience. 

With that being said we want everyone to be aware of our Customer Surveys and highly encourage you to promote participation of the survey. Keep in mind, each survey is different and have the office fill out the survey that pertains to the specific training you are conducting. 

When communicating this to the office, have them follow these steps. 

  • Have them visit
  • Click on the EDUCATION tab and scroll down to Customer Surveys
  • Enter the password: e4d1

Here they will find (4) surveys to fill out. However, you should only be using two specific surveys.

  •  Introduction Courses [This survey pertains to Elements in Dallas or Regional, Success Program, In-Office Elements, Scan Only, Scan & Design training, Design Only training, etc.]
  •  Onsite Feedback (Integration, Custom Training’s or Support Visits) Inside this option the office will  have the opportunity to select what type of In-Office experience was completed [Integration – One Day, Integration – Two Day, Custom Training, Support Visit or Sales Demonstration]

Originally our intent was to have an email sent to the customer with the direct link ( after the integration report was received by us. I believe in the past several months with all our changes this has been lost in the shuffle.

Jeremy Hiser was kind enough to add it back to the survey site as Onsite Feedback (ie., Integration, Custom Training, Support) for much easier access. 

Thank you everyone for your continued support in this matter. Having a way to measure our efforts and the customers experience will be a vital tool in us always striving to get better. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.