D4D Announces ‘Design on Site’ Service


D4D Technologies Announces ‘Design on Site’ Service


Dallas, TX – (September 7, 2010) – D4D Technologies, manufacturer of the E4D Dentist system, announced today that it will now offer Design on Site services to its E4D users. Design on Site remote design service was created to enhance the clinician’s productivity in the office, giving them the freedom to treat other patients by providing the expertise of a CAD CAM Dental Designer on their cart for complete design at a nominal fee ($35/unit).

While unlimited Support on Sight™ (SOS) is included in the E4D user’s Total Care Warranty, there are some times when a little extra help is needed, or they simply don’t have the time to design themselves. Once the preparation is scanned (with no low scan data areas) and margins have been marked, the operator can turn it over to Design on Site for the design. 

Users can submit a credit authorization for each case or unit designed, or have it kept on file for future services as well. Design on Site requires a minimum 24-hour turnaround time for completion (this will vary depending on the case and situation).  An additional fee of $25/unit will apply to rush or immediate design services. 

Depending on the complexity and timeliness of the case, it will either be downloaded from the operator’s cart to our servers then uploaded, or if time and access permits, we will design right on their cart. The final design will be confirmed with the clinician/assistant prior to sending it to the mill. D4D Technologies’ Design on Site™ is not responsible for milling the restoration or completion of the restoration following design services. 

About D4D Technologies LLC.

D4D Technologies is taking the dental profession to a higher level of productivity, patient comfort, and convenience with its E4D Dentist™, E4D Labworks™ and E4D Studio™ Systems, all part of the E4D Sky™ Network of products. The systems use high-speed laser scanning technology to produce digital 3D impressions of teeth prepared for full contour crowns, inlays, onlays, smile designs, and no-prep veneers without the application of contrast agents. The intuitive DentaLogic™ software enables operators to customize restoration designs and send them wirelessly to the precision mill that uses the latest restorative materials to produce fine esthetic restorations. 


Highly accurate, versatile, and easy to use, the E4D Systems provide significant productivity improvements allowing dental professionals to offer a healthier, more economical and more convenient solution with Same Day Dentistry™. 


Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, D4D Technologies has partnerships with major corporations in the dental profession: Henry Schein, Inc. is the Company’s exclusive global distributor; 3M ESPE and Ivoclar Vivadent supply restorative materials.




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