Management Team




Jukka Kanerva – President

Mark Quadling – Chief Executive Officer

Mark Quadling is a founder and Chief Executive Officer. While studying in Africa he, came across an intriguing job posting for 3-D digital dentistry at the bio-materials lab and that was the beginning of the dream that evolved over the years to design and develop advanced 3D CAD/CAM dental systems. In 2002, E4D Technologies was founded together with his brother Henley. They brought together a team of gifted engineers to develop the hardware and software that was to become the E4D system, which is now being delivered to dental professionals world-wide. Mark relocated from South Africa to the United States and received his graduate degree in computer Science from University of Minnesota in 1993

Henley Quadling – Chief Technology Officer

Henley Quadling is a founder and Chief Technology Officer responsible for technology development and research. Henley entered the high-energy theoretical physics program at the University of Minnesota. In 1997, while finishing his dissertation in quantum chromo-dynamics, Henley joined Mark on the 3-D dentistry project. In 1998, Mark and Henley started a business to produce software to operate 3-D scanners and motion systems and manipulate 3-D data for many diverse applications. The most difficult of all the applications was dental scanning. In particular, intra-oral scanning was deemed by most observers to be practically impossible, and existing solutions at the time were not being embraced by the industry or considered successful. In 2002, E4D Technologies was founded together with his brother Mark.

Gary Severance, DDS – Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Gary Severance is a 1987 graduate of the University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry and Chief Marketing Officer for E4D Technologies. Gary has worked throughout his career with several innovative dental companies assisting in the development and commercialization of products that improve dentistry through quality, efficiency and productivity. An esteemed speaker and author, Dr. Severance also lectures on the latest technological trends in digital dentistry.

Glen Freeman – Chief Product Officer

Glen Freeman gained his engineering degree at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa before commencing work for De Beers, the global diamond giant, exploring novel ways to process diamonds. He completed an MBA before moving to the USA and later joined E4D Technologies to lead their entry into the digital market place focusing on material development through CAD/CAM. Glen is responsible for E4D’s International, technical and customer support functions as well as product validation and program management.

Tammi Carter – Vice President Operations

Tammi Carter brings 15 years of experience in supply chain and global operations. Tammi oversees the manufacturing operations functions of supply chain, quality assurance and documentation. Most recently she was Director of Global Accounts for Flextronics with responsibility for several key accounts and a portfolio of $200M. She managed end to end solutions for both startup and established companies across several global locations. Prior to her role as Director of Global Accounts, she held positions as Director of Materials, Global Supply Chain Manager and Plant Manager of Operations.