“I know CAD CAM and E4D is my choice.”

– Alex Touchstone, DDS
   Hattiesburg, MS

“E4D has revolutionized CAD CAM for dental offices. Simplicity, accuracy, and aesthetics all rolled into one machine.”

– Edmond Suh, DDS
  Wake Forest, NC

“The scanner upgrade completed our design upgrade by incorporating a far more detailed and accurate scan at a seriously increased speed. This has really changed our scans from standard definition to TRUE high definition in the appearance and actual data points, making it even more accurate and precise. We highly recommend you purchase the new scanner; it’s a productivity tool you should not do without.”

– Cliff Leachman, DMD
  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“The E4D Dentist system has given my practice a huge leap forward in productivity, profitability, and control.”

– Curtis Jansen, DDS
  Monterey, CA

“The E4D is more than a piece of equipment, it is an innovation that is taking CAD CAM to the next level.”

– Christopher Pescatore, DMD
  Danville, CA

“Upgrading our wand to HD has been one of the better things my doctors have done. Everything looks so much clearer and margins are easier to read. I am able to scan in the mouth better than ever before. Rapid Scan gives me an efficient and more accurate scan, and I really like the fact that you can remove a misalignment without searching through all your scans.”

– Catherine Bockheim, CDD
  Practice of Drs. Dater and Cadorette, Rockford, MI

“The E4D Dentist system has rejuvenated my practice, patients love it and the team is excited to be a part of delivering quality care. This is the single most important investment that I have made for my patients in 27 years of practice!”

– Bryan Couch, DDS
  Coppell, TX

“Our E4D System has definitely paid off for our patients! They love the fact that they don’t have to wear a provisional for three weeks and endure a mouthful of impression material. We are all impressed that final restorations look like TEETH, not crowns. The margin integrity is perfect, and our crowns just disappear in the arch. We are not the office that jumps on every new technology out there. But, given the increase in productivity, patient comfort, and ability to have more control over how our crowns look…this was an investment we could not afford to let pass.”

– Louise Gore, CDA
  Practice of Dr. Larry Saylor, Brandon, FL

“The new HD scanner has reduced my scanning time dramatically, makes it easy and gives me more confidence when scanning intraorally. I know I’ll get a great scan time after time. The results are simply superior – bravo E4D!”

– Charles Regalado, DDS
  Spokane, WA