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“Don’t miss out on this upgrade, the improved scanning and detailed model make this update worth downloading!”

- Jimmy Fincher CDT

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“The upgrade to 5.6 definitely makes the scanning process effortless. The ability for the software to know to only add information where it's needed is brilliant! Thanks E4D and Planmeca for always making things easier for our users.”

- Sherri White RDA, CDD, CIS

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“Version 5.6 simplifies the scanning process and minimizes the risk over-scanning by building the scan lock feature into the software. The new models look fantastic and the restoration fit is phenomenal. Highly recommend everyone get this update installed!”

- Mike Kelliher

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“This is a "must have now" upgrade for the improvements in scanning and margins! Download an install the upgrade now then go to to watch the latest videos detailing the great new features of Version 5.6.”

- Alex Touchstone, DDS

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“The image capture is now more like a B&W photo instead of the blue green image of previous versions. The image is crisper, clearer and the margins are much easier to visualize. Kudos to the R&D guys and Planmeca. Definitely update!”

- Bruce McDonald DDS

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“Version 5.6 brings Planscan to a new level. The scanning is faster and easier,the images are much clearer and crisper and the margins are extremely easy to read which leads to great fitting restorations. A great upgrade to a proven product!”

- Gary Kaye DDS FAGD. Founder - The New York Center for Digital Dentistry

We’ve made major changes to scanning and revolutionized the scanning process.

SCANNING – Watch the associated videos to learn more on scanning technique.
Additional benefits of the 5.6 Software include.

  • Scan Speed indicator/adjustment to effectively capture missing data
  • Crisp margin capture
  • Evaluate model and resume scanning to fill in any missing data, or erase unnecessary data, prior to generating the final model.
  • Scan lock has been built into the software and the data has been weighted to ensure full data capture without the worry of “over-scanning.”

INDICATORS – New indicators showing the scan session usage, autoclave and the type of connected tip.

SENDING – The improvements in scanning have also given us an opportunity to reduce our file size 60% of what it was before. This enhancement gives us an increase in speed when sending files over Planmeca Romexis Cloud and DDX.

The Classic Cart and LabWorks systems are not supported with this update. Please call your local Henry Schein or Planmeca representative for more information about upgrading your system.



Update FAQs
PlanCAD Workflow
User Manual
Elements Workbook

Scan Speed (Metal Implant Scan Body)
In the video, you will see a demo of the standard scanning technique and use of 5.6 software to effectively capture data of an implant preparation including metal implant scan body.

Multiple Units (Anterior Bridge)
In the video, you will see a demo of the proper “saddle” scanning technique and use of 5.6 software to effectively capture anterior bridge preparation data.

Scanning 5_6 (Standard Posterior Prep)
In the video, you will see a demo of the standard scanning technique and use of 5.6 software to effectively capture single unit posterior preparation data.

Planmeca PlanCAD v5.6 Software Update
Better, faster scans! More margin definition! Streamlined workflow! Watch this video to learn how to leverage the v5.6 update of Planmeca PlanCAD software. The update is free as is this video, enjoy.

see more videos on the PlanScan System at: LDD-logo


Articulating Full Arch Scans Using Buccal Bite in Planmeca CADCAM
Watch Dr. Wally Renne reveal how to accurately align upper and lower full arch scans. He demonstrates the proper scan sequence and a novel method for using articulating paper to verify that the digital situation matches that of the clinical.
The methods in this video may not be representative of the manufacturer and may not be suitable in all situations.